About Us

Nepal Environment and Sustainable Agriculture Foundation (NESAF) is a non-profit distributing and service oriented social organization that implements multidisciplinary program and provide consulting services. It was registered in 2014 under the company registration act (registration number 119630/070/071) and affiliated with the Social Welfare Council (affiliation number 47062) in 2018. It is also registered under VAT in 2016 (VAT number 601846320). It provides services and supports its clients through research and development, project development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, training and advocacy, agriculture produce and marketing. 

NESAF is managed by a five-member board that has full responsibility for all decisions about the well-functioning of the organization. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for NESAF’s management and decision making in accordance with the board’s instruction.


We envision to be established as quality service providing organization


To provide effective and efficient program implementing and consulting services and support


To design and implement value based integrated development program and provide quality consulting services and support


NESAF is primarily a professional organization managed by experts in the field of research and development, monitoring and evaluations, design and implementation of projects, training and advocacy, and agriculture produce and marketing. It has a simple and clear organizational structure, financial management system, specific job obligation and professional reporting and communication procedure. Our working mechanism is issue – and process based, output-oriented without compromising the quality and timely deliverable of outputs. In addition to our internal strength, we manage a strong network with professionals and experts and have good work relations with other similar organizations.